i once was lost, but now am found. was blind but now i see
-Amazing Grace

Dina Marie

Hi Friends,

I’m Dina Marie, a Certified Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and founder of Divine Design Health. My journey into spirituality and healing began with a life-changing medical ordeal after the birth of my daughter. This challenging path led me to explore alternative healing methods and discover my unique abilities, including communicating with the spirit world.

Today, I’m dedicated to sharing the healing gifts I’ve acquired, offering a blend of spiritual mediumship, Reiki, and sound healing. My experiences have shaped me into a beacon of love and healing light, driven to help others on their journey to wellness and spiritual awakening.

Join me in embracing consciousness and the abundance that surrounds us. I eagerly await our meeting.

With Gratitude,

Dina Marie

My Offerings

Mediumship Reading

One on One

Intuitive Reading

Career or Life Path


w/Intuitive Messages


FDA Cleared Device

Sound Healing

Crystal Bowls

Co Creating Healing with The Alternative Network

new location!

Divine Design Health is proud to announce we will be sharing a healing space with our friends at Willow Wellness Center in Eatontown, NJ.

Both Divine Design Health and Willow Wellness offer a variety of treatment modalities to assist you on your healing journey.

Click below to view Divine Design Health services offered at Willow Wellness Center. 

By appointment only