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At our core, we are an e-commerce marketing company that uses our passion for marketing combined with our knowledge of the industry to create the right plan of action to propel your business forward without sinking your budget.

Our commitment to our clients is complemented by our divine purpose to forge connections among like-minded wellness professionals. Together, we co-create an online community-driven marketplace featuring evidence-based alternative healing modalities, products, and spiritual services. Our intention is to share our collective voice to bridge the gap between science and spirituality while bringing to light alternative approaches to healing our mind, body, and soul. The power of one network, to empower us all on our journey to optimal health!

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Dina Marie

Welcome Marvels of the Universe,

Thank you for visiting the Divine Design Health community! My name is Dina Marie, and I am a certified Medium and Reiki Master, as well as the founder of Divine Design Health and a co-creator of The Alternative Network.

My healing journey began after an infection contracted during the birth of my daughter attacked my heart and spleen, leading to two years of major challenges and multiple surgeries. Today, I owe the quality of my life to a combination of traditional and alternative medicine.

Through my own exploration of healing modalities and the connection between science and spirituality, I have come to believe that life is not a philosophy, but physics. We are all Marvels of the Universe with the ability to manifest the world we live in, including our health and vitality.

Divine Design Health was born from a vision to build a trusted alternative health and wellness marketplace based on science, integrity, and community; to amplify the evidential benefits of a holistic approach to healing. We believe in the power of one network to empower us all.

Namaste, my new friends.
Dina Marie

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